Sunday, May 23, 2010

Law and Order

Law and order:
Just a quick goodbye to one of my favorite shows on TV.
They have law and they try to restore order.
They kept me in touch with my beloved New York.
Their song used to be my ring tone.
Woman getting killed, raped, discriminated, interrogated or sometimes just in a "bag" (even dead they still looked good).
Pimps, professionals, rich, poor, Latinos, white, Jews, models,projects, brownstones,yellow cabs, endless cups of coffee and hot dog stands they were all casted in this organized crime solving drama that we watched everyday in every channel and various languages.
You can not have the LAW without the ORDER.
Jack McCoy, Abbie Carmichael, Don, Lennie Briscoe.
We still have Olivia Benson(scared of her), Elliot Stabler (I confess), Casey Novak( smart) and Dr. George Huang (love him).
SUV stays for now because a city like New York demands a "special department".
I will miss you all,
Fabiana (without law or any order)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The art of getting old (very old).

Hi everybody (the 13 of you) who cares about for what I have to say.

Is oficcial: I am getting old!

No surprise there for a lot people but I was in denial with my botox and yoga.

Well yoga I haven't done in while and botox: I decided to spend my money on this vacation so I could be sane.

Therefore I am fat with wrinkles and so not feeling the getting old gracefully bullshit.

My bathing suits needs to be replaced ASAP I was thinking maybe the one piece with a skirt in black so nobody can see my cellulites and black always make me look slimmer.

My shorts are getting longer along with the sleeves.

I am shocked that young people can drink ALL day and stay on the sun.

Before: Drink beer all day without worrying about calories or hangover.

Now: Drink 3 margaritas and take a nap.

Before: Baked on the sun with baby oil.

Now: Use sunblock 365 days.

Before: Read a book was never an option.

Now: I read a book with reading glasses under my sunglasses (very classy).

Before:Time in my room was to sleep only.

Now: I require a nice room because I need confort and go to bed at 9:00 pm (pathetic).

Before: Be IN the pool or beach a lot.

Now: Chilling by the shade people wacthing.

Note to now: people watching it is extremely interesting when you are sober.
Well folks that is the the naked truth and nothing but.
If you do not believe me or still in denial try to read in the sun!

Sun kisses,

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jack Bauer is hot!

Just to make a point.
Jack is hot, can shoot and run, kill an army by himself and save the planet all at once.
He is hotter than super man and spider man.
He wears regular clothes, has super guns and a purse.
He can speak to the president at anytime and has more computer skills than Bill Gates.
He is not lucky in love but he is married to his job.
Who needs James Bond?
Please Jack call me.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

People out of the closet!

Love love love my gay friends!
Lately has been way too many people coming out of the "closet".
I seriously do not understand and never will why so many get shocked about it.
Many years a go I told my mother that Rose Odonnell was gay and she cried and called me crazy.
Well well well.
My gaydar is super powerful therefore I will make you a list just for future reference:
Rick Martin is gay (just came out this week) hello Kitty!
Kevin Spacey is gay, Matt Lauer is gay, David Guest is gay, Queen Latifah is gay, Naomi C. is gay (afraid I will get a phone in my head), Oprah is gay (so inside the vault) , Tom Cruise is almost gay (if there is such a thing), Jon Bon Jovi (too pretty), Jodie Foster smart and gay, Clay Aiken (really no one knew except me?), Tom and Jerry :gays and rodents (not handy), Batman and Robin, Doctor Smith from Lost in Space, I have a cousin that like to be called a homosexual according to him sounds better.
My closet is empty and I have been fooled once but I will be updating my list as life goes on.
Kisses on your rainbow!

PS: People deserve to be happy no matter their preferences, love is for all of us and lets keep fighting for human rights.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Too much!

Too pink!
Too white, too fat, too tired, too neurotic, too intolerant, too shady, too big,too good,too shocking, too human,too fake, too busy,
too nostalgic, too old, too shabby, too chic, too full, too small, too calm, too cold, too hot, too empty, too bright,too little, too late, too red, to blue,too cheap, too high, too plain, too soft, too clean, too messy, too slow, too dark, too passe, too in, too out, too sad,too shallow, too narrow, too dry, too creamy, too thin, too black, too scary, too weird,too new, too nice, too much, too bad!!!

Is it time for a one piece???

Hi ladies,

I am pretty sure some of you knows exactly what I mean...

Being a good Brazilian woman I ALWAYS worn a two piece bikini , better yet a thong bikini.

I started wearing a thong when I was 18 years old following my tribe.

For some shocking but for my father a family tragedy.

I got away with my thongs until I got married (I was already 28 years old) and my husband sweetly said that was time for a change.
With a new last name and lot of respect for my husband I said goodbye to my tinny bikinis.

Officially I belonged to the "housewives Club" therefore behavior was need it at the beach and at pool parties.

Sometimes on a private beach or a boat I would dare to go topless but fiercely kept my full buttons on.

Several decades later and lots of changes I decided is was about time to go on vacation.

Some place warm and quiet ,hours by the beach with my books.

A new bathing suit was need it after a long winter and two years without a real vacation.

Before I started with a self mutilation process I dive into my own closet!

Big mistake! Huge!

My ass became too big, my breast too saggy, my spider veins looks like a road map and my gut makes me wonder is there a full body spanks?

Or a better off with a burkini?

I never worn a one piece or even tried one.

Should I fast until then? Or should I go to a spa instead?

Too Little too late.

Every chocolate bar, every bow of pasta I eat just because I deserved...

Now in front of a mirror of a department store I am crying and mad at the lighting and the mirror.

I called my fairy "make me look skinny by tomorrow godmother" but she is in Mexico saving lives.

Miss my thongs, my youth, my carbs and a cold beer.

So I took my meds, compromised and got a tankini!

Viva Mexico!

PS: my vacation is all inclusive and definitely will be a site of a white whale.

Monday, March 22, 2010

10 things I want to do before I die!

Hi guys!

I decided to list the 10 things I want to do before I die!
May be difficult or just a dream but I got to try or else:

1) Go to Paris (France).
2) Go back to college.
3) Have a big party family reunion.
4) Get rid of my spider veins.
5) Stop smoking.
6) Learn how to drive without having a anxiety attack.
7) Go to Egypt.
8) Find my father and forgive him for all he had done to me.
9) Be an aunt.
10) Live in a small house with my dogs e go peacefully.

That's all folks,

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Old poem found

Once upon a time...
There was a boy that always got himself into trouble.
Once upon a time...
That was a girl that always got herself into trouble.
One day they met and the mother of all troubles began.
He show her the sun and the tempest.
The mountains and the clouds.
The invisible horses and the burning wood.
They made love and went into riding.
But time, forces and witches kept them apart.
And time was the only thing they could not afford.
The wind whispered _is time.
Only left was the memories that no distance will never erase it.
All she could dream of it was about a boy that she once met and had engraved on her back.
She closed her eyes and thanked her engraver.
Once again they ran apart.
No promises only memories of a boy that she once knew.
Why heaven?

Love to all,


Monday, March 1, 2010


Hey guys,
I shamefully stole this idea from a blog that I follow and decided to share with "yous" my favorite 10 things that makes me happy and is very easy to make me smile :)
1) waking up in the morning and have Bella smiling at me! (yes she smiles).
2) My coffee pot has already started!
3) I know exactly what I am going to wear.
4) Mr. K text me to say good morning babe.
5) I read my daily quote and meditate.
6) I listen to my favorite songs (When the world goes down by David Bowie or Stay by Simply Red).
7) My bus is on time.
8) Starbucks is empty.
9) My inbox at work is not overflowing.
10) What is for lunch???
I do not take anything for granted, I appreciate my family and friends, I am content with my job, I try to learn from my mistakes, I try to love more, live more, kiss more, hug more, complaint less, understand more, forgive more, spend less, analyze less, worry less, embrace new things, accept changes.
it takes time, wrinkles and lots of gray hair but is possible to be happy even though sometimes you think you can't.
Simply and simple.
Coming soon in a theater near you 10 things that make me happy in the afternoon.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hey boys and girls,

It has been a year already...

Heart ache, doubts,issues.

I am very much in love with this town (city always be Manhattan)!

Peculiar, conservative, historical.

I've learned so much!

How to talk, how to hold back my worlds and sometimes my behavior.

It is a small place therefore caution is always welcomed.

The pace is definitely slower but I still run to take the "T", people are patient (shocker) and waiting seems to be the norm.

The suburbs is only 15 minutes away and drive in to the city is a project, the majority only commutes no more than 10 minutes.

They are healthy and bikes are part of the picture.

Geese and turkeys walk around like it is the natural habitat, never seen a turkey before unless he was laying on the table for Thanksgiving.

They wear top siders, barn coats, argyle, pearls.

The vocabulary is way different:

Uey= u turn

Barrel= trash can

Bundles= bags full of groceries

Half moon= black and white cookies

Carriage=supermarket cart

Sub= hero
Messenger= carrier

I found out that I speak New Yorker/Jew with a Brazilian accent which make matters worse.

At&t is not famous and my 917 area code is matter of laughter.

Restaurants close their kitchen at 10:00 pm...

Everybody wants to be somebody, they have to make it to the list.

Fashion is not a priority but education is.

Delivery is rare and some days I could trade my tiara for a nice Latte at my door.

I learned to like hockey and hide my Yankees hat.

My east side is Boylston street and Uptown is the Copley mall.

My metro card was replaced for the Charlie card.

I am happy, fatter and matted.

My new shirt?