Thursday, May 13, 2010

The art of getting old (very old).

Hi everybody (the 13 of you) who cares about for what I have to say.

Is oficcial: I am getting old!

No surprise there for a lot people but I was in denial with my botox and yoga.

Well yoga I haven't done in while and botox: I decided to spend my money on this vacation so I could be sane.

Therefore I am fat with wrinkles and so not feeling the getting old gracefully bullshit.

My bathing suits needs to be replaced ASAP I was thinking maybe the one piece with a skirt in black so nobody can see my cellulites and black always make me look slimmer.

My shorts are getting longer along with the sleeves.

I am shocked that young people can drink ALL day and stay on the sun.

Before: Drink beer all day without worrying about calories or hangover.

Now: Drink 3 margaritas and take a nap.

Before: Baked on the sun with baby oil.

Now: Use sunblock 365 days.

Before: Read a book was never an option.

Now: I read a book with reading glasses under my sunglasses (very classy).

Before:Time in my room was to sleep only.

Now: I require a nice room because I need confort and go to bed at 9:00 pm (pathetic).

Before: Be IN the pool or beach a lot.

Now: Chilling by the shade people wacthing.

Note to now: people watching it is extremely interesting when you are sober.
Well folks that is the the naked truth and nothing but.
If you do not believe me or still in denial try to read in the sun!

Sun kisses,


John B said...

Are you sure it's 13? well erase that c'se 13 is a bad (0_0)

FABIANA said...

Thank you my love for beeing my 14th follower i promise not to dessapoint you.