Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hey boys and girls,

It has been a year already...

Heart ache, doubts,issues.

I am very much in love with this town (city always be Manhattan)!

Peculiar, conservative, historical.

I've learned so much!

How to talk, how to hold back my worlds and sometimes my behavior.

It is a small place therefore caution is always welcomed.

The pace is definitely slower but I still run to take the "T", people are patient (shocker) and waiting seems to be the norm.

The suburbs is only 15 minutes away and drive in to the city is a project, the majority only commutes no more than 10 minutes.

They are healthy and bikes are part of the picture.

Geese and turkeys walk around like it is the natural habitat, never seen a turkey before unless he was laying on the table for Thanksgiving.

They wear top siders, barn coats, argyle, pearls.

The vocabulary is way different:

Uey= u turn

Barrel= trash can

Bundles= bags full of groceries

Half moon= black and white cookies

Carriage=supermarket cart

Sub= hero
Messenger= carrier

I found out that I speak New Yorker/Jew with a Brazilian accent which make matters worse.

At&t is not famous and my 917 area code is matter of laughter.

Restaurants close their kitchen at 10:00 pm...

Everybody wants to be somebody, they have to make it to the list.

Fashion is not a priority but education is.

Delivery is rare and some days I could trade my tiara for a nice Latte at my door.

I learned to like hockey and hide my Yankees hat.

My east side is Boylston street and Uptown is the Copley mall.

My metro card was replaced for the Charlie card.

I am happy, fatter and matted.

My new shirt?




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Anonymous said...

Boston is the place to be! It is the upcomming city for old professionals who want a quiet life and be home by 10:00 pm.
How are you my dear?