Friday, July 13, 2012

10 Things that makes me happy!

Hi loves,

I have been lazy...Way too much to do ... My creative flow is all over the place , I continue to write , but still trying to control the huge amount of paper everywhere, wish I had a "writing butler" that cold follow me around writing all my ideas down and translate into a very organized form and publish it for me , I guess that is called the angel writer (please tell me that is an app for that?)

  1.  Friends: I have the most amazing friends , we believe in vows, in God, in wine, no judgement is that simple.
  2.  Tivo!
  3. My old fashion IPOD, music is a big part of my life.
  4.  Botox ( Yes I can and Yes I love it !).
  5. Yoga and my special mat (sometimes it makes me fly).
  6. Lazy cold days at home doing nothing...
  7. Cosmetic samples or any samples for that matter.
  8. My beloved Bella.
  9. Public transportation , $ 1.50 can take anywhere I need to go.
  10. Good memories.

That is all for today ,

Love and more love,


Friday, May 6, 2011

What if...

Hi folks,
I have been away for while, for a very long while...
Finding excuses not to come here and writing in secrecy...Not sure from whom ...
What ifs sometimes comes to mind to torment me, I guess everyone has what "if "moments but lately because my 45Th birthday is fast approaching it became a loud noise that does not want to stop.
What if ... I have stayed put.
What if ... I have said no when I knew time was up.
What if ... they did not left me or stayed.
What if ... I had persevered and fought.
What if ... I had stayed behind and agreed.
What if ... I had trade love for money.
What if ... I have obeyed the rules at all times.
What if ... I had chosen the right street between many avenues...
What if ... I had said no but my heart wanted so badly so say YES.
What if ... I have kept that secret only to myself...
What if ... I have not given all.
What if ... I have called back or accept an invitation.
What if ... I had run away without looking back.
What if ... I had pursue my dreams.
What if ... I had use my time wisely.
What if... what if ...
Maybe only maybe if I had done and undone all the above my wisdom would be tainted and my heart a bit softer.

Love to all,


What ifs are made of dreams...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Law and Order

Law and order:
Just a quick goodbye to one of my favorite shows on TV.
They have law and they try to restore order.
They kept me in touch with my beloved New York.
Their song used to be my ring tone.
Woman getting killed, raped, discriminated, interrogated or sometimes just in a "bag" (even dead they still looked good).
Pimps, professionals, rich, poor, Latinos, white, Jews, models,projects, brownstones,yellow cabs, endless cups of coffee and hot dog stands they were all casted in this organized crime solving drama that we watched everyday in every channel and various languages.
You can not have the LAW without the ORDER.
Jack McCoy, Abbie Carmichael, Don, Lennie Briscoe.
We still have Olivia Benson(scared of her), Elliot Stabler (I confess), Casey Novak( smart) and Dr. George Huang (love him).
SUV stays for now because a city like New York demands a "special department".
I will miss you all,
Fabiana (without law or any order)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The art of getting old (very old).

Hi everybody (the 13 of you) who cares about for what I have to say.

Is oficcial: I am getting old!

No surprise there for a lot people but I was in denial with my botox and yoga.

Well yoga I haven't done in while and botox: I decided to spend my money on this vacation so I could be sane.

Therefore I am fat with wrinkles and so not feeling the getting old gracefully bullshit.

My bathing suits needs to be replaced ASAP I was thinking maybe the one piece with a skirt in black so nobody can see my cellulites and black always make me look slimmer.

My shorts are getting longer along with the sleeves.

I am shocked that young people can drink ALL day and stay on the sun.

Before: Drink beer all day without worrying about calories or hangover.

Now: Drink 3 margaritas and take a nap.

Before: Baked on the sun with baby oil.

Now: Use sunblock 365 days.

Before: Read a book was never an option.

Now: I read a book with reading glasses under my sunglasses (very classy).

Before:Time in my room was to sleep only.

Now: I require a nice room because I need confort and go to bed at 9:00 pm (pathetic).

Before: Be IN the pool or beach a lot.

Now: Chilling by the shade people wacthing.

Note to now: people watching it is extremely interesting when you are sober.
Well folks that is the the naked truth and nothing but.
If you do not believe me or still in denial try to read in the sun!

Sun kisses,