Sunday, May 23, 2010

Law and Order

Law and order:
Just a quick goodbye to one of my favorite shows on TV.
They have law and they try to restore order.
They kept me in touch with my beloved New York.
Their song used to be my ring tone.
Woman getting killed, raped, discriminated, interrogated or sometimes just in a "bag" (even dead they still looked good).
Pimps, professionals, rich, poor, Latinos, white, Jews, models,projects, brownstones,yellow cabs, endless cups of coffee and hot dog stands they were all casted in this organized crime solving drama that we watched everyday in every channel and various languages.
You can not have the LAW without the ORDER.
Jack McCoy, Abbie Carmichael, Don, Lennie Briscoe.
We still have Olivia Benson(scared of her), Elliot Stabler (I confess), Casey Novak( smart) and Dr. George Huang (love him).
SUV stays for now because a city like New York demands a "special department".
I will miss you all,
Fabiana (without law or any order)

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