Thursday, April 22, 2010

People out of the closet!

Love love love my gay friends!
Lately has been way too many people coming out of the "closet".
I seriously do not understand and never will why so many get shocked about it.
Many years a go I told my mother that Rose Odonnell was gay and she cried and called me crazy.
Well well well.
My gaydar is super powerful therefore I will make you a list just for future reference:
Rick Martin is gay (just came out this week) hello Kitty!
Kevin Spacey is gay, Matt Lauer is gay, David Guest is gay, Queen Latifah is gay, Naomi C. is gay (afraid I will get a phone in my head), Oprah is gay (so inside the vault) , Tom Cruise is almost gay (if there is such a thing), Jon Bon Jovi (too pretty), Jodie Foster smart and gay, Clay Aiken (really no one knew except me?), Tom and Jerry :gays and rodents (not handy), Batman and Robin, Doctor Smith from Lost in Space, I have a cousin that like to be called a homosexual according to him sounds better.
My closet is empty and I have been fooled once but I will be updating my list as life goes on.
Kisses on your rainbow!

PS: People deserve to be happy no matter their preferences, love is for all of us and lets keep fighting for human rights.


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