Friday, December 18, 2009


Hi everybody!!!!

Yes is me Bella making my debut on my mother's blog!
Happy New year!!! Yes!
Wishing you Lot's of long walks in the park,nice gourmet cookies,
fluffy bed,nice groomers and no fleece!
I you report back very soon!
Bella Torres

Friday, November 20, 2009


I know I know the holidays are here again...

The music is already playing (let snow let snow let it snow) oh boy so annoying!

You all know I hate it!Santa has been on my black list for some time.

This year I am hopeful that he will come around and give some Loboutins and diamonds (I am so overdue).

Today I was terrified when I saw a turkey sweater!

Is just plain wrong! Get a life, a friend and grow up!! Definitely not cute!

Here are some tips to look great , classy and be the talk of the party in a good way:

Easy on the alcohol!

Easy on the pictures!Not saying don't take then just do it in the beginning when everyone still looks decent.

Always offer help to the hostess/host is polite and appreciated.

Don't ever complaint about: music, food, gossip (maybe a bit).

Table manners is important even if it is between friends and family: no burping, mouth full, make sure you put the fork down ,yelling, discussing personal issues, religion, politics and the list goes on is time to celebrate, save the drama for your therapist.

Dress with respect: Holiday colors is allowed as long is solid colors, no novelty accessories, holiday SWEATERS should be banned by law in every state! Keep simple and chic.

You can add some sparkle with care, add some red to your black dress, add a green belt to your winter white (very chic), add some gold to any color.

Smile even if you are miserable, be patient with the elderly, play with the children.
Eat like that is tomorrow, clean up after yourself, dot not sniff on the medicine cabinet.
Bring a nice bottle of wine or champagne, flowers always already on a vase.
Send a thank you note, be grateful to be invited.
After all said and done I will behave on my first Bostonian Thanksgiving!
Grateful yes,more even so if I find my Laboutins under my tree.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

WHAT NOT TO WEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

For heavens sake:

I am sick and tired of DONT's in this day and age!

This behavior got to Stop!

People just should be punish by law for the follow:



no vests at all unless is part of a tailored suit.

Black under white
latex straps
regular bra with racer back tops

Black under sheer white
Visible thongs (crime punish by death)



too square
too long
with flowers, embellishments or holiday touches.
unless you are a nurse!!!
another crime punish by death.

again unless you are below 5 years old.
The Carrie necklace is over!

Anyway just to name a few those above make me sick and tired!
Let me know what makes you sick!
Be chic and rested,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Going on a date after 40s...

hey all,

I will try to describe what happens behind the scenes when a simple invitation takes place and you are over 40 years old.

Boy meets girl. Girl is getting anxiety attacks.

You wait for the phone call , sleep with your blackberry and start dieting.

He finally calls you and instead of being exited panic sets in:

What should I wear? What should I say?Do I have enough time to get ready?
I have not been in a real date since I do not rememember when...
Should I Google : ?

Elizabeth Taylor on her glory days if she was felling fat or not too pretty used to postpone the date for a month so she could get ready...She could afford that after all she is Elizabeth Taylor and I am not! If I postponed he might never call again.

Anyway my heart is going miles an hour and I start to make appointments :
Manicure for sure,pedicure not so sure (maybe I will wear my new boots) maybe I should in case I have to take my shoes off, very confused at this point.
I check my phone again ( afraid he might cancel).

Oh God !!!

Wax : check (regular,Brazilian or bold).

Blow dry hair : check

Assassin shoe: check

Dilema: be confortable or look good?
Sexy or classy?
Beacon Hill or Upper East side?
I have a fever...

After that I tell my boss I have a doctors appointment so I can go shopping and buy a new dress in a hour.

Of course I can't find anything , I start to cry and feeling even fatter.

Do I have time for a mini face lift?

Do I have time for a mini lipo?

I guess not so I decided to embrace my wrinkles and cellulite.

At this point I am only drinking water and about to pass out.

OK I am desperately trying to keep my cool and already established that I will get some nice lingerie black lace and classy (just in case).

I get home and call my best friend because I am not sure if I have a glass of wine or take my double dose of meds.

He says I will be fine, just be myself and wear that black dress from last year.

I take both and tried the dress on just to make sure it fits.

After 2 hours and $200.00 later I look good, feel confident and my hair looks amazing.
At this point I am sweating and check if my deodorant is working.
I scribble my name with is last name and of course I love the sound of it.
He is on time (I am in total state of dismal).
He finally arrives and thank God he says I look good and smell good (my mind tells me he wants to get into my lacy panties and I have too much perfume).
I hold on , exhale and promise myself not tonight.
The night goes on , I don't talk too much, behave like a lady but the wine is making me silly.
He drives me home, gives me a good night kiss.
I come home and sing along with my dog and wait for the next phone call.
He is told by his friends he needs to wait a few days.
He does not follow " the rules" which makes my life easier.
Indeed he calls, indeed I will need a new dress.
He is been calling for over a month now, however I do not need my meds and only drink wine to celebrate this new amazing "frince".
I want to be after all happily ever after on this mature fairy tale.

Have faith, believe and be happy.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I've kissed many frogs...

Hey friends!
Just FYI I been kissing frogs for a long time now.
Frogs has many colors, shapes, lineage, natural habitats.
I ask myself why I been pursuing frogs?
I don't even speak frog language anymore...
The game "kissing frog he is not turning to a prince" became difficult and exhausting.
I had to take charge : abandon Frogland for good or pursue a real prince.
Let me tell you something the ecosystem went crazy and there is frogs everywhere and ALL the royalty are taken.
I them just like that I STOP kissing...
Don't try this on you own .You need rehab and here is the 12 steps:
1) Stop looking.
2) Celibacy.
3) Stop with the nostalgia.
4) Stop drinking.
5) No sad songs.
6) Focus.
7) Protect your assets.
8) Stop asking what if.
9) Stop planning you future if this future requires a prince.
10) Listen to your mother.
11) Believe in yourself .
12) Think outside the box of Frogland.

After the detox: stir fry, shake, pour and Move to Boston.

I've found a frince!
Half frog half prince!
A new mutation , new species.
I am happy and felling pretty.
Welcome to FRINCELAND!!!!


PS: no more xoxoxoxoxoxoxo, only xxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's complicated!

Relation-ship sinking
to be shipped
Booty call.
Friends with benefits (including co-pay).
without co-pay -$
One night stand.
sometimes 9 1/2 weeks
friends and only friends
We became friends.
It is me not you!
I do not love you anymore.
I still love you but I need some space...
I need time to think.
I am not ready (ever).
We are together for too long.
we need to know each other first...
You will find someone who deserves you.
With breakfast.
Without breakfast.
You looked good at the end of the party.
Too much alcohol.
You looked pretty last night but not so pretty this morning.
No chemistry (:
Too much of it.
Simply not into to you today!
You are too good to be true therefore I'm scared.
You live too far.
We do not belong together.
You are black or white...or too white
You are perfect but I need you to change.
We do not speak the same language.
You are boring...
You are too funny.
Well girlfriends I could give you many reasons why we are alone.
I can either cry or marry my gay friend or just believe that "some people called one night stand and some people called paradise".
Is he out there?
I am exhausted.
Should I trow the bait?

Happy hunting,

Monday, July 13, 2009

25 facts about me that i like to share.

  1. I love jazz.
  2. I can't drive.
  3. I hate the dark.
  4. I wish I could rescue ALL dogs.
  5. I am obsessed by fine lingerie.
  6. I vote ALWAYS.
  7. I am a proud American.
  8. I am a widow...
  9. I love any James Bond movies.
  10. I smoke occasionally.
  11. I've parachute jumped.
  12. I am addicted to sunblock.
  13. I never watched Gone with the Wind.
  14. I hate air conditioners.
  15. I've just learned to bank online.
  16. I cry everyday.
  17. I have a huge crush on Bill Clinton.
  18. I have 5 tattoos.
  19. I am not on Facebook or anything like that.
  20. I am on Google.
  21. I can starch and iron a shirt dry cleaners style.
  22. I can refinish furniture.
  23. I wish I was a carpenter.
  24. I dated (briefly) a very famous basketball player.
  25. I appreciate coffee like I appreciate wine.

Well now you know, let me know about you !

When I first started writing this I was surprised how many things I did not know about myself, so take this journey and will be surprised.

Happy journey,

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The wrong timing in the chain of love

A love story for a change!
John and Linda found each other and felt in love immediately.
They stayed in love for a long time, but John had unfinished business plus somebody else in mind.
Linda found out that forever turn out to be a long time...
Eventually she found Richard that was falling out of love with Mary.
Mary got sad and and married Paul that she met at local coffee shop (he was not was she was praying for but she was mad and alone and married him anyway).
Linda married Richard and carry on with her life, John never forget her and Richard loved Linda dearly.
John married Lola and had a son, Linda could not carry a child...
She loved Richard and he took care of their lives.
John got married again and again trying to find his Linda somewhere.
Richard went to heaven and John found Linda again, she was still hurt and he was still married.
Linda found John Doe, John Who and John Good by.
Mathew found Linda who was waiting for no one.
Mathew stayed for while until he found Maria (who was younger and not so intimidating), Linda got sad and searched for John who was alone.
They tried to love each other again and he left one more time, she waited and waited...
She went on a conquest and found David. He stayed and left for a piece a paper, she begged him to stay but he denied his love and wanted his life back.
She stop searching...
John found her again but she was tired , her soul was taken and no longer looking until she found Edward!
She was waiting for him after all, however he was in love with Liz.
He tried to love her but he could not forget Liz.
He said goodbye to Linda, his heart was bruised , his soul kidnapped no rewards.
He called Liz again and again.
Mary still with the coffee shop guy.
Mathew still with Maria.
David we never know.
Richard went to heaven.
Edward is alone.
Liz is with a rich man.
John is alone.
Linda is alone.

She went to the Lost&Found but could no recognize her heart, too many scars.
She tried to pay a ransom and reclaim her soul but John paid with his soul and left with his life.

Be grateful ,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hey friends,
Today I will talk about help others and yourself.
I went to a beautiful charity event last Monday and it just hit me...
We are the strongest species on the animal kingdom!
We are smart, caring, powerful , generous and survivors!
We survive break-ups , loss, hunger,divorce, death, kids growing pains,reading glasses,dryness and wrinkles.
Let's help each other, you shall not complaint.
Let's give more and more, honor our parents , our name , our soul.
Let's get a mammogram and pap smear ANNUALLY!!!!
Let's not care about hair...
I am letting mine grow for a cause (6" is all you need) to make someone smile.
Visit the and donate, participate and read testimonies.
You be surprised how resilient and persistent those woman are.
My life is perfect even if my favorite lipstick is discontinued, my jeans does not fit, my LBB only exist in my head and prince charming has yet to show up (again).
My breasts are healthy and I still have my mother.
What else can I say?
Let's help save the tatas!!!!
Health and love,

Friday, May 22, 2009

The ring master

Hey friends,
Today I will talk about finding,loosing,winning,searching.
I 've lost a piece of jewelery twenty years a go and I already have given up finding it.
I am very good on loosing things and even worse : not keeping and worst not finding.
Sometimes I do realize that I am careless,reckless or just do not seem to care.
I do!!!
I am organized (or I think I am just because my closet is pristine).
Sometimes just because I love it so much I hide it from myself.
Books filled with important papers,endless boxes filled with more Little boxes filled with my beloved jewelery.
I love rings! They can be expensive or not they just symbolize so much to me, like my tattoos...
Anyway 2 weeks ago I had a dream about my precious old ring, long lost,long gone,long forgotten.
I decided to search,research and turn my life into a mission to find "the " ring.
Of course I've found my old passport,my favorite picture,my expired Amex, an old tiara...
The more looked the more frustrated I became.
My search brought me to a trip and evaluation of my life.
Why so many shoes and bags? Why so many long dresses? Why so much????
Do I really need it? What about my decision to live simply? What about my mantras?
After all said and done , when I was no longer looking or trying to keep I found "the" ring!
I forgot how beautiful, how rich and how important it is to me.
Every stone was there and is still shinning!
Since them is on my finger, I will not let go this time, I will not trust my memory or my Little boxes.
I remembered how and why I got it.
The "ring" is here to stay.
The "ring" is now officially back in my life.
Am I a nostalgic? So what?
Everything else still missing...
Love and nostalgia,

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sleeping Beauty...

Hi everyone!
Miss my blog...
Anyway, any who, anybody and everybody!
Let's talk about sleepwear!
YOU have to sleep pretty and beautiful.
No more: sweat pants, husbands/boyfriends ragged t -shirts
(promo tees is a sin), mu mus, any piece of garment with bleach stains on it hair up, bad breath.
You are not 18 anymore so forget pink with flowers, sponge bob pj's. Save the flannel when he goes way on a trip, I know and admit that nothing better than a old flannel worn pj's but again save for those days that you will be sleeping alone.
Make an effort to look great when in bed: brush your hair, your teeth and USE mouth wash, Use tinted lip balm.
Pick a special night and wear silk , always have a robe handy ( we get cold I know).
Anniversaries and Valentines day : Please enjoy it take your time and make the time.
Surprise him make him feel wanted , sex is great and healthy so lets get to work ladies.
Coupling is made out of trust so between four walls and your man everything goes.
If you sleep alone :do it for yourself, nothing makes me feel better than after a long bath, I treat myself with a glass of wine, my favorite perfume and my silk robes, just love it!
Bedding is important too and your bedroom should be your safe haven , invest in 2 sets of linens they should coordinate, a good down comforter (just don't co crazy with the colors) and you will be all set.
One day I will find my prince...
One day I will wear silk everyday...
One day I will celebrate Valentines day...
One day I will wear flannel pj's?

Have good night sleeping beauty!


Monday, April 6, 2009

The Black tie has changed...

The Black Tie has changed...

hey all,

I recently went to a Black Tie event and I was shocked!!!!
How many times WE have to tell you:
YOU are not allowed to:
Prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses (specially if they do not fit anymore), gloves on, strass (aka fake bling), tiaras, poly, jersey, sports jackets,

bobby pins showing, too much fur, shoes matching the dress,please keep them on!!!! oh mine I could on forever.

Be respectful to your host/hostess if the event says Black Tie enjoy, be grateful.
They want Black Tie for a reason so treat yourself and others, get you hair done and make up.
Cocktail dresses are allowed just be tasteful, if you have to break the rules a bit do it with confidence.
Leave the pearls at home, they are too predictable, add a broach to your hairdo or feathers.
Instead of a Little black Bag, get a clutch in a vibrant color and a good size so you can fit your necessities in there (gloss, keys, ID, crispy $100.00 bill and maybe a pressed powder for a quick touch up).
Mingle, introduce yourself, now is time to network.
Dance with the bold, the bad and ugly.
If it rains get wet.
Smile often, shake hands with confidence with both hands (president's shake).
Say hello and goodbye, always send a thank note and if you can flowers.
Leave with dignity.
Don"t drink and text, don't drink and flash...
Have some good wine and never ever drink beer.
I borrowed my dress and paid for my cab.
I went by myself and went home alone,
I had fun and can not wait for my next Black Tie.
Should I give the dress back??

Let me know,


Friday, March 6, 2009


Hey yous,

I recently move to a new state and a new city...

Changes all around and a lot evaluations in all aspects of my life.

Moving, filing, the "Art of getting rid of " !

Learning to maneuver a new culture and demographics.

Fashion recession and the lack of, disc man and Walkman, funny packs and a large

amount of black parkas...

Lower speed and not a lot thank yous.

Common denominator: All customers are the same!

The brides still annoying, the man still confused about sizes, black is the new black.

I am praying for survival...

Please feed me!

Love and change,


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


hey all,

I know I've been away for while because of unfortunate events...
Anyhow or any who!
Whoa!!! I just finish the rush for Valentines Day and let me tell ya.
For all the woman out there you are just ungrateful!!!!
What is this exchange and return bull???? If he purchased for you keep it !!!(unless is for a smaller size and keep same style and color).
I can not say where I work but is mainly for you, and only the two of you.
If you don't wear it for him :someone else will I guarantee it!!!!
Stop with the bitching and moaning just wear it, tear it and have another glass of wine.
Don't trow a fit just play along with it, if he wants he gets it understood??
Feeling a bit insecure? Tip of the day wine and soft lights do wonders.
Black is always a great choice, don't try anything to exotic that you are not comfortable with,forget the leather and try some silk long gowns hides everything!!!!
A lot of us do not have the luxury of having a man or a buddy call so if you have yours think about it and have at all, rekindle the romance, share time together, forget the kids and get a room. If you are PMS check yourself into a hotel miss him a little. it is imperative that you do not make his life miserable just because...
Remember when you used to have sex everywhere? Well just because you a together for a long time does mean you have to set it and forget it , I know the kids, the market, the economy, blah blah...
It is time and the time is now reconnect and be happy.
Just a reminder: who does not give technical assistance loose for the better rate plan!!!!!

tell me what hapenned to you on Valentines day,
I had wine and ice cream, too tired and no man to wear my stilletos and garter belts...

Love and gratitude,

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Dear All,
Good Morning on this snowing day!
Since I've start this blog and start researching for my writings I came across this blog called this guy is a genius!!!
He combined he's extreme sense of style , great writing and beautiful pictures in one blog.
Is just fantastic!!! Simple , elegant and pure art.
Visit and you will have the most inspired fashion trip of you life!
Those of you who are fashion challenged should take a look everyday before leaving the house,
he takes pictures of everyday people with everyday clothes, so do not make the journey of dressing up a shore or a disaster you can definitely use what you have and look gorgeous !!!
Be patient or hire me !!!
Happy Sunday,

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pets and kids behaving badly

Hey all,

Most of the stores are pet friendly and kids friendly.

We love them, play with them , tolerate them and so on however stop with the insanity already.

If you need to really shop keep them home or in a cage.

They disturb YOU not me, you can't concentrate

when they are running around like wild animals, feed them at home (no nursing allowed) , change diapers at the park and I seriously do not need to know how much you love/hate them or how many pounds you have gained throughout this process. Embrace your body and get self confidence, the reason why you got pregnant in the first place is because someone really loves you!!!!
Dogs in a carriage??? Get a life and adopt a Chinese baby.
Ps: I love dogs!