Friday, April 16, 2010

Is it time for a one piece???

Hi ladies,

I am pretty sure some of you knows exactly what I mean...

Being a good Brazilian woman I ALWAYS worn a two piece bikini , better yet a thong bikini.

I started wearing a thong when I was 18 years old following my tribe.

For some shocking but for my father a family tragedy.

I got away with my thongs until I got married (I was already 28 years old) and my husband sweetly said that was time for a change.
With a new last name and lot of respect for my husband I said goodbye to my tinny bikinis.

Officially I belonged to the "housewives Club" therefore behavior was need it at the beach and at pool parties.

Sometimes on a private beach or a boat I would dare to go topless but fiercely kept my full buttons on.

Several decades later and lots of changes I decided is was about time to go on vacation.

Some place warm and quiet ,hours by the beach with my books.

A new bathing suit was need it after a long winter and two years without a real vacation.

Before I started with a self mutilation process I dive into my own closet!

Big mistake! Huge!

My ass became too big, my breast too saggy, my spider veins looks like a road map and my gut makes me wonder is there a full body spanks?

Or a better off with a burkini?

I never worn a one piece or even tried one.

Should I fast until then? Or should I go to a spa instead?

Too Little too late.

Every chocolate bar, every bow of pasta I eat just because I deserved...

Now in front of a mirror of a department store I am crying and mad at the lighting and the mirror.

I called my fairy "make me look skinny by tomorrow godmother" but she is in Mexico saving lives.

Miss my thongs, my youth, my carbs and a cold beer.

So I took my meds, compromised and got a tankini!

Viva Mexico!

PS: my vacation is all inclusive and definitely will be a site of a white whale.

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