Friday, May 6, 2011

What if...

Hi folks,
I have been away for while, for a very long while...
Finding excuses not to come here and writing in secrecy...Not sure from whom ...
What ifs sometimes comes to mind to torment me, I guess everyone has what "if "moments but lately because my 45Th birthday is fast approaching it became a loud noise that does not want to stop.
What if ... I have stayed put.
What if ... I have said no when I knew time was up.
What if ... they did not left me or stayed.
What if ... I had persevered and fought.
What if ... I had stayed behind and agreed.
What if ... I had trade love for money.
What if ... I have obeyed the rules at all times.
What if ... I had chosen the right street between many avenues...
What if ... I had said no but my heart wanted so badly so say YES.
What if ... I have kept that secret only to myself...
What if ... I have not given all.
What if ... I have called back or accept an invitation.
What if ... I had run away without looking back.
What if ... I had pursue my dreams.
What if ... I had use my time wisely.
What if... what if ...
Maybe only maybe if I had done and undone all the above my wisdom would be tainted and my heart a bit softer.

Love to all,


What ifs are made of dreams...

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