Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hey friends,
Today I will talk about help others and yourself.
I went to a beautiful charity event last Monday and it just hit me...
We are the strongest species on the animal kingdom!
We are smart, caring, powerful , generous and survivors!
We survive break-ups , loss, hunger,divorce, death, kids growing pains,reading glasses,dryness and wrinkles.
Let's help each other, you shall not complaint.
Let's give more and more, honor our parents , our name , our soul.
Let's get a mammogram and pap smear ANNUALLY!!!!
Let's not care about hair...
I am letting mine grow for a cause (6" is all you need) to make someone smile.
Visit the and donate, participate and read testimonies.
You be surprised how resilient and persistent those woman are.
My life is perfect even if my favorite lipstick is discontinued, my jeans does not fit, my LBB only exist in my head and prince charming has yet to show up (again).
My breasts are healthy and I still have my mother.
What else can I say?
Let's help save the tatas!!!!
Health and love,


Anonymous said...

Yes finally someone said it!!!
There is no ugly,saggy tatas!
As long as they are healthy is all good!
So get a nice lacey bra and stop complaining!!!

Carol said...

Zizi! Carolcaracol voltou!