Saturday, June 27, 2009

The wrong timing in the chain of love

A love story for a change!
John and Linda found each other and felt in love immediately.
They stayed in love for a long time, but John had unfinished business plus somebody else in mind.
Linda found out that forever turn out to be a long time...
Eventually she found Richard that was falling out of love with Mary.
Mary got sad and and married Paul that she met at local coffee shop (he was not was she was praying for but she was mad and alone and married him anyway).
Linda married Richard and carry on with her life, John never forget her and Richard loved Linda dearly.
John married Lola and had a son, Linda could not carry a child...
She loved Richard and he took care of their lives.
John got married again and again trying to find his Linda somewhere.
Richard went to heaven and John found Linda again, she was still hurt and he was still married.
Linda found John Doe, John Who and John Good by.
Mathew found Linda who was waiting for no one.
Mathew stayed for while until he found Maria (who was younger and not so intimidating), Linda got sad and searched for John who was alone.
They tried to love each other again and he left one more time, she waited and waited...
She went on a conquest and found David. He stayed and left for a piece a paper, she begged him to stay but he denied his love and wanted his life back.
She stop searching...
John found her again but she was tired , her soul was taken and no longer looking until she found Edward!
She was waiting for him after all, however he was in love with Liz.
He tried to love her but he could not forget Liz.
He said goodbye to Linda, his heart was bruised , his soul kidnapped no rewards.
He called Liz again and again.
Mary still with the coffee shop guy.
Mathew still with Maria.
David we never know.
Richard went to heaven.
Edward is alone.
Liz is with a rich man.
John is alone.
Linda is alone.

She went to the Lost&Found but could no recognize her heart, too many scars.
She tried to pay a ransom and reclaim her soul but John paid with his soul and left with his life.

Be grateful ,

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Anonymous said...

oh my mine...
I guess we can all relate to that...