Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sleeping Beauty...

Hi everyone!
Miss my blog...
Anyway, any who, anybody and everybody!
Let's talk about sleepwear!
YOU have to sleep pretty and beautiful.
No more: sweat pants, husbands/boyfriends ragged t -shirts
(promo tees is a sin), mu mus, any piece of garment with bleach stains on it hair up, bad breath.
You are not 18 anymore so forget pink with flowers, sponge bob pj's. Save the flannel when he goes way on a trip, I know and admit that nothing better than a old flannel worn pj's but again save for those days that you will be sleeping alone.
Make an effort to look great when in bed: brush your hair, your teeth and USE mouth wash, Use tinted lip balm.
Pick a special night and wear silk , always have a robe handy ( we get cold I know).
Anniversaries and Valentines day : Please enjoy it take your time and make the time.
Surprise him make him feel wanted , sex is great and healthy so lets get to work ladies.
Coupling is made out of trust so between four walls and your man everything goes.
If you sleep alone :do it for yourself, nothing makes me feel better than after a long bath, I treat myself with a glass of wine, my favorite perfume and my silk robes, just love it!
Bedding is important too and your bedroom should be your safe haven , invest in 2 sets of linens they should coordinate, a good down comforter (just don't co crazy with the colors) and you will be all set.
One day I will find my prince...
One day I will wear silk everyday...
One day I will celebrate Valentines day...
One day I will wear flannel pj's?

Have good night sleeping beauty!


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Carol said...

Que bunitinho! Zizi!