Monday, April 6, 2009

The Black tie has changed...

The Black Tie has changed...

hey all,

I recently went to a Black Tie event and I was shocked!!!!
How many times WE have to tell you:
YOU are not allowed to:
Prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses (specially if they do not fit anymore), gloves on, strass (aka fake bling), tiaras, poly, jersey, sports jackets,

bobby pins showing, too much fur, shoes matching the dress,please keep them on!!!! oh mine I could on forever.

Be respectful to your host/hostess if the event says Black Tie enjoy, be grateful.
They want Black Tie for a reason so treat yourself and others, get you hair done and make up.
Cocktail dresses are allowed just be tasteful, if you have to break the rules a bit do it with confidence.
Leave the pearls at home, they are too predictable, add a broach to your hairdo or feathers.
Instead of a Little black Bag, get a clutch in a vibrant color and a good size so you can fit your necessities in there (gloss, keys, ID, crispy $100.00 bill and maybe a pressed powder for a quick touch up).
Mingle, introduce yourself, now is time to network.
Dance with the bold, the bad and ugly.
If it rains get wet.
Smile often, shake hands with confidence with both hands (president's shake).
Say hello and goodbye, always send a thank note and if you can flowers.
Leave with dignity.
Don"t drink and text, don't drink and flash...
Have some good wine and never ever drink beer.
I borrowed my dress and paid for my cab.
I went by myself and went home alone,
I had fun and can not wait for my next Black Tie.
Should I give the dress back??

Let me know,


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