Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I've kissed many frogs...

Hey friends!
Just FYI I been kissing frogs for a long time now.
Frogs has many colors, shapes, lineage, natural habitats.
I ask myself why I been pursuing frogs?
I don't even speak frog language anymore...
The game "kissing frog he is not turning to a prince" became difficult and exhausting.
I had to take charge : abandon Frogland for good or pursue a real prince.
Let me tell you something the ecosystem went crazy and there is frogs everywhere and ALL the royalty are taken.
I them just like that I STOP kissing...
Don't try this on you own .You need rehab and here is the 12 steps:
1) Stop looking.
2) Celibacy.
3) Stop with the nostalgia.
4) Stop drinking.
5) No sad songs.
6) Focus.
7) Protect your assets.
8) Stop asking what if.
9) Stop planning you future if this future requires a prince.
10) Listen to your mother.
11) Believe in yourself .
12) Think outside the box of Frogland.

After the detox: stir fry, shake, pour and Move to Boston.

I've found a frince!
Half frog half prince!
A new mutation , new species.
I am happy and felling pretty.
Welcome to FRINCELAND!!!!


PS: no more xoxoxoxoxoxoxo, only xxxxxxxxxxxx

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