Monday, July 20, 2009

It's complicated!

Relation-ship sinking
to be shipped
Booty call.
Friends with benefits (including co-pay).
without co-pay -$
One night stand.
sometimes 9 1/2 weeks
friends and only friends
We became friends.
It is me not you!
I do not love you anymore.
I still love you but I need some space...
I need time to think.
I am not ready (ever).
We are together for too long.
we need to know each other first...
You will find someone who deserves you.
With breakfast.
Without breakfast.
You looked good at the end of the party.
Too much alcohol.
You looked pretty last night but not so pretty this morning.
No chemistry (:
Too much of it.
Simply not into to you today!
You are too good to be true therefore I'm scared.
You live too far.
We do not belong together.
You are black or white...or too white
You are perfect but I need you to change.
We do not speak the same language.
You are boring...
You are too funny.
Well girlfriends I could give you many reasons why we are alone.
I can either cry or marry my gay friend or just believe that "some people called one night stand and some people called paradise".
Is he out there?
I am exhausted.
Should I trow the bait?

Happy hunting,


Anonymous said...

why it has to be like that?

FABIANA said...

One of my favorite posts!