Wednesday, February 18, 2009


hey all,

I know I've been away for while because of unfortunate events...
Anyhow or any who!
Whoa!!! I just finish the rush for Valentines Day and let me tell ya.
For all the woman out there you are just ungrateful!!!!
What is this exchange and return bull???? If he purchased for you keep it !!!(unless is for a smaller size and keep same style and color).
I can not say where I work but is mainly for you, and only the two of you.
If you don't wear it for him :someone else will I guarantee it!!!!
Stop with the bitching and moaning just wear it, tear it and have another glass of wine.
Don't trow a fit just play along with it, if he wants he gets it understood??
Feeling a bit insecure? Tip of the day wine and soft lights do wonders.
Black is always a great choice, don't try anything to exotic that you are not comfortable with,forget the leather and try some silk long gowns hides everything!!!!
A lot of us do not have the luxury of having a man or a buddy call so if you have yours think about it and have at all, rekindle the romance, share time together, forget the kids and get a room. If you are PMS check yourself into a hotel miss him a little. it is imperative that you do not make his life miserable just because...
Remember when you used to have sex everywhere? Well just because you a together for a long time does mean you have to set it and forget it , I know the kids, the market, the economy, blah blah...
It is time and the time is now reconnect and be happy.
Just a reminder: who does not give technical assistance loose for the better rate plan!!!!!

tell me what hapenned to you on Valentines day,
I had wine and ice cream, too tired and no man to wear my stilletos and garter belts...

Love and gratitude,

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Anonymous said...

Garter belts anyone?