Sunday, January 18, 2009


Dear All,
Good Morning on this snowing day!
Since I've start this blog and start researching for my writings I came across this blog called this guy is a genius!!!
He combined he's extreme sense of style , great writing and beautiful pictures in one blog.
Is just fantastic!!! Simple , elegant and pure art.
Visit and you will have the most inspired fashion trip of you life!
Those of you who are fashion challenged should take a look everyday before leaving the house,
he takes pictures of everyday people with everyday clothes, so do not make the journey of dressing up a shore or a disaster you can definitely use what you have and look gorgeous !!!
Be patient or hire me !!!
Happy Sunday,


Anonymous said...

i`m your permanent reader now

FABIANA said...

thank you anonymous reader! Looking foward to make you laugh/cry and be chic! happy 2010!

Anonymous said...

я думаю: мне понравилось!! а82ч