Friday, November 20, 2009


I know I know the holidays are here again...

The music is already playing (let snow let snow let it snow) oh boy so annoying!

You all know I hate it!Santa has been on my black list for some time.

This year I am hopeful that he will come around and give some Loboutins and diamonds (I am so overdue).

Today I was terrified when I saw a turkey sweater!

Is just plain wrong! Get a life, a friend and grow up!! Definitely not cute!

Here are some tips to look great , classy and be the talk of the party in a good way:

Easy on the alcohol!

Easy on the pictures!Not saying don't take then just do it in the beginning when everyone still looks decent.

Always offer help to the hostess/host is polite and appreciated.

Don't ever complaint about: music, food, gossip (maybe a bit).

Table manners is important even if it is between friends and family: no burping, mouth full, make sure you put the fork down ,yelling, discussing personal issues, religion, politics and the list goes on is time to celebrate, save the drama for your therapist.

Dress with respect: Holiday colors is allowed as long is solid colors, no novelty accessories, holiday SWEATERS should be banned by law in every state! Keep simple and chic.

You can add some sparkle with care, add some red to your black dress, add a green belt to your winter white (very chic), add some gold to any color.

Smile even if you are miserable, be patient with the elderly, play with the children.
Eat like that is tomorrow, clean up after yourself, dot not sniff on the medicine cabinet.
Bring a nice bottle of wine or champagne, flowers always already on a vase.
Send a thank you note, be grateful to be invited.
After all said and done I will behave on my first Bostonian Thanksgiving!
Grateful yes,more even so if I find my Laboutins under my tree.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



Anonymous said...

black pumps size 8?
Just called Santa if you behave is yours!

Anonymous said...

I had a great Turkey day! Eat less,drank less and felt normal.